Wandering Thoughts archives

2008-11-30: My view on vi and vim (and nvi et al)
Server problems caused by 'transparent' self-signed SSL certificates
2008-11-29: Good editors aren't better or worse, just different
2008-11-28: Why rootkits targeted at Red Hat Enterprise would make me especially nervous
2008-11-27: The practical insecurity of self-signed SSL certificates on the web
2008-11-26: One consequence of mathematical security thinking
2008-11-25: The problem with security alerts, and indeed all alerts
2008-11-23: My sign of a good graphical interface
2008-11-22: Why I hate 'security questions'
2008-11-21: Limiting how much load Exim puts on your system
2008-11-20: Combining dual identity routing and isolated interfaces revisited
2008-11-19: A growing realization about tcpdump and reading IP traffic
BitTorrent's file fragmentation problem
2008-11-18: Where vi runs into its limits
2008-11-16: Checking systems with RPM verification (part 2)
A hint for email providers
2008-11-15: Getting Python's encoding and decoding straight
2008-11-14: How to force a crash dump on Solaris 10 x86
2008-11-13: What the members of a Unicode conversion error object are
2008-11-12: Why not doing Unicode is easier than doing Unicode in Python
2008-11-11: Another attempt to split SSL into encryption and trust
2008-11-10: Exploiting the Bourne shell to parse configuration files
2008-11-09: The history of Unix *dump programs
2008-11-08: Thinking about how your security domains relate to each other
2008-11-07: What the timestamps in Ubuntu kernel messages mean
2008-11-05: How many root passwords should you have?
An issue with quotas on ZFS pools
2008-11-04: Mistakes editors can make that disqualify them as sysadmin editors
2008-11-03: Why vi has become my sysadmin's editor
2008-11-02: Why university webmail systems are attractive to spammers

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