Wandering Thoughts archives

2008-12-31: Certificate authorities seem to be a real weakness in SSL
One of Python 3's fundamental problems on Unix
2008-12-30: ZFS and crazy dates
2008-12-28: Discovering things while researching Unix history
An advantage of doing test driven development
2008-12-27: Email marketing is pretty much spam
2008-12-26: The consequences of the Debian OpenSSL compromise
2008-12-25: My view of Sun and their history
2008-12-24: A thesis: Sun should be prepared to give up on SPARC
2008-12-23: You need major advantages to really move issues
2008-12-21: Part of why managing firewalls is hard
The role of superstition and folklore in system administration
2008-12-20: The source of spurious .rpmnew files
2008-12-19: Comments and dialogues
2008-12-18: Why LVM snapshots should really have hooks into filesystems
2008-12-17: Some reasons why I like vi
2008-12-16: Why XHTML is doomed, at least in its strict validation form
2008-12-14: Feed aggregators should fail gracefully
2008-12-13: The pragmatic problem with strict XHTML validation
2008-12-12: Two-step updates: the best solution to the valid XHTML problem
2008-12-11: Why syndication feed readers (and web browsers) should fail gracefully
Why you should always allow version 1 to be specified
2008-12-09: What sort of user interfaces the web is good for
How Amanda uses what restore program to use, a correction
2008-12-08: How I split up my workstation's disk space
2008-12-07: How to help programmers (part 1): the os.listdir() problem
One of Python's problems with packages
2008-12-06: On line endings and honesty
2008-12-05: A little gotcha when implementing shell read
2008-12-04: The rewriting problem on ZFS and other 'log structured' filesystems
2008-12-03: Mapping IP addresses to ASNs
2008-12-02: A thesis: Sun should fork Solaris

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