Wandering Thoughts archives

2009-01-31: Why social mudding works
When can you assume UTF-8 filenames?
2009-01-30: A surprising lack on Linux: browsers for camera RAW photos
2009-01-29: An RPM packaging utter FAIL
2009-01-28: The (or an) attraction of Twitter
2009-01-27: My wishes for Sun's online documentation
2009-01-26: My reaction to Solaris 10 update 6's ZFS changes
How LiveJournal is sticky
2009-01-25: Thinking about what you do with undo
2009-01-24: Towards a better undo
2009-01-23: The HTML tax (in Python, and in general)
2009-01-22: The NFS re-export problem
2009-01-20: Why high availability NFS requires shared storage
The inner life of NFS filehandles
2009-01-19: Using iptables to get around the policy based routing limitation
2009-01-18: The basic implementation of relatively high-availability NFS
2009-01-17: Practical issues with getting ZFS on Linux
2009-01-16: A lament about modern NFS development
2009-01-15: Why templating systems are the wrong answer for simple HTML generation
2009-01-14: Documenting the kernel.sem sysctl
2009-01-12: A surprising lack in Python's standard library
What I want out of NFS security, at least at the moment
2009-01-11: The problems I see with multi-signed SSL in practice
2009-01-10: You cannot ask users to manage their own security
2009-01-09: A Unix shell glob trick
2009-01-08: The ufsdump block size doesn't seem to matter much
2009-01-07: Two suggestions for improving Fedora's PreUpgrade experience
2009-01-06: The problem of forcing users to make choices (in security)
2009-01-05: Why 'email marketing' winds up as spam
2009-01-04: 'Email marketing' versus outright email spam
2009-01-03: How to help programmers (parts 2 and 3): os.environ and sys.argv
2009-01-02: Why SSL needs certificate authorities, or at least trust roots
2009-01-01: Flaws in the 'web of trust' approach to trust issues

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