Wandering Thoughts archives

2009-02-28: What it would take for me to use Fedora Rawhide
The potential problems with distribution downgrades
2009-02-27: The peculiar case of the conference spammers
2009-02-26: What I learned from Google Mail's recent outage
2009-02-25: Don't log usernames for bad logins
2009-02-24: A core principle of error and warning messages
2009-02-23: A problem with microtransactions
2009-02-22: Internet scale security: the impact of cheapness
2009-02-21: How to turn off gnome-terminal's cursor blinking
2009-02-20: An attraction of planet-style blog aggregators as your feed reader
2009-02-19: Appearances are deceptive in the (anti-)spam world
2009-02-18: My theory on why people wind up using common passwords
2009-02-17: Design versus construction
2009-02-16: My approach to website passwords (and why it is the right one)
2009-02-15: How CPython optimizes allocations for some built-in types
2009-02-14: Some of my assumptions about Python object allocation
2009-02-13: The accumulator mini-pattern and .setdefault()
2009-02-12: Recognizing non-interactive shells and 'shell levels'
2009-02-11: True point in time restores may be hard
2009-02-09: Backups and archives
I hate flaky systems, Fedora 10 and/or hardware edition
2009-02-08: When bash sources your .bashrc
2009-02-07: An illustration of one reason that documentation is hard
2009-02-06: Our SunFire X2100 nVidia Ethernet experiences
2009-02-04: An alarming ZFS status message and what is usually going on with it
Why btrfs was inevitable: a corollary to (not) getting ZFS in Linux
2009-02-02: A grumpy remark about Solaris's scalability
2009-02-01: Understanding ZFS cachefiles in Solaris 10 update 6

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