Wandering Thoughts archives

2009-03-31: The SSD boom and the theoretical multicore revolution
A sysadmin use for Twitter
2009-03-30: There are three entry states for feed readers
2009-03-29: Why I wrote my own bulk IO performance measurement tool
2009-03-28: Make your web application's interface elements obvious
2009-03-27: The theoretical advantage of a separate /boot filesystem
2009-03-26: An important difference
The git version control system as a creation of the modern age
2009-03-24: Using fully mirrored system disks on Linux
How not to improve your CD player application
Frustration for a sysadmin (well, for me)
2009-03-23: How libraries should handle internal warning messages
2009-03-22: An outline of a possibly easier IPv4 to IPv6 transition
2009-03-21: Why the ideal IPv4 to IPv6 transition is impossible
2009-03-19: Why 'sender stores message' schemes won't cure phish spams
2009-03-18: An obvious thing about dealing with web spider misbehavior
Principles of email in the modern age
2009-03-16: An important gotcha with iSCSI multipathing in Solaris 10
Complex data structures and the two sorts of languages
2009-03-15: A realization: planet aggregators have a natural size limit
2009-03-14: Why I don't trust seteuid() and friends
2009-03-12: The problem with /var today
The not so secret history of /var
2009-03-11: Checklists versus procedures
2009-03-10: Why checklists work
2009-03-09: What list methods don't make sense for heterogeneous lists
2009-03-08: Python's theoretically missing core data type
2009-03-07: What past problems of mine the collections module solves
2009-03-06: What can keep a ZFS pool busy and prevent it from exporting
2009-03-05: What seems to use power on a Dell Mini 12
2009-03-04: The ASUS Eee PC versus the Dell Mini 12
2009-03-03: Rollbacks versus downgrades
2009-03-02: Some gotchas with ZFS in Solaris 10 update 6

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