Wandering Thoughts archives

2009-04-30: My standard Gnome customizations
Why I would still like MC/S in Linux
2009-04-29: Pragmatic issues with hash verifiers for email messages
2009-04-27: One of my TDD weaknesses: mock objects for complex objects
The problems of over-documenting things
2009-04-26: A Bourne shell irritation: piping just stderr
Lighttpd, CGIs, and standard error
2009-04-25: On digital signatures and client security issues
2009-04-24: The difference between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0
2009-04-23: A Gnome irritation
2009-04-21: Why your ticketing system should not be accessible to users
2009-04-20: Some ways to add versioning to pickled objects
Why pickle is not a good way to save your data
2009-04-19: Sometimes you don't want behavior with your data
2009-04-18: What users see as benefits from sysadmins
2009-04-17: Git and 'rewriting history'
2009-04-16: What causes the ZFS file deletion problem with snapshots
2009-04-15: The problem with Solaris 10 update 6's ZFS failmode setting
2009-04-13: How I went wrong in thinking about /boot mirroring
Your ticketing system should be optional
2009-04-12: A hairshirt too far: on always avoiding CSS
2009-04-11: The advantage of having an (XML) sitemap
2009-04-10: Why 'sender stores message' is easier for spammers than real mail servers
2009-04-09: Why ssh needs to verify host keys
2009-04-07: Handling ssh to generic hostnames
The technical problems with 'sender stores messages' schemes
2009-04-06: An interesting hardware mystery
2009-04-05: Why I don't expect ARM-based netbooks to be a success
2009-04-03: The (or a) problem with Unix manpages
How to use Vixie cron to schedule at regular odd times
2009-04-02: System status announcements and where your users are

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