Wandering Thoughts archives

2009-06-30: A Unix irritation: pipeline status
More on why users keep mailing specific people
2009-06-29: A theory on why users keep mailing specific people
2009-06-28: How we solve the multiuser PHP problem
2009-06-27: Possible limits on our port multiplied ESATA performance
2009-06-26: How not to set up your DNS (part 19)
An advantage for hardware RAID over software RAID
2009-06-25: Patching systems versus patching appliances
2009-06-24: Another source of stickyness for social web sites
2009-06-22: Solaris 10 NFS server parameters that we change and why
Why GNU tools are sometimes not my favorite programs
2009-06-21: Email is intrusive, and why
2009-06-20: Using GRUB to figure out the mapping of BIOS drive numbers
2009-06-19: Fedora desperately needs a better upgrade system
2009-06-18: A kernel NFS error message explained
2009-06-17: The NFS 'reserved ports' option and why you care
2009-06-16: Maybe understanding blogrolls
2009-06-15: try:/finally: and generators
2009-06-14: How to set up your vacation messages to get thrown off mailing lists
2009-06-13: One of the reasons good alerting is tough
2009-06-12: What I know about Solaris 10 NFS server file lock limits
2009-06-11: There are two different purposes of monitoring systems
2009-06-10: Users are lazy
2009-06-08: Another way that generators are not lists: modifying them
Monitoring systems should be always be usefully informative
2009-06-07: It's important to get the real costs right
2009-06-06: User perceptions (and expectations) of backups
2009-06-05: How we're planning our backup storage capacity needs
2009-06-04: Another irritation with Gnome's gconf settings system
2009-06-03: The costs of development versus the costs of operation
2009-06-02: Sometimes brute force is the answer (on Unix)

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