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2009-07-31: Using SystemTap to trace the system calls of setuid programs on Linux
How fast various ssh ciphers are
2009-07-30: How we do custom NFS mount authorization on Solaris 10
2009-07-29: The shift-selection trick in X terminal programs
2009-07-28: Spammers are quite dedicated in their address scraping
2009-07-27: Why you should do code reviews for sysadmin scripts
2009-07-26: The anatomy of a hack to get around try:/finally: and generators
2009-07-25: When code in generators runs
2009-07-24: The usefulness of a syndication feed of your blog's comments
2009-07-22: Thinking like a security paranoid: an example
A peculiar change in Linux flock() and fcntl() behavior
2009-07-21: Packages should not contain both tools and policies
2009-07-20: Minimalistic spam, another annoyance to worry about
2009-07-19: The importance of making an issue visible
2009-07-18: Why NFS filehandles fail as access capabilities
2009-07-17: The hard problem of live major release upgrades
2009-07-16: Another reason to safely update files that are looked at over NFS
2009-07-15: A Bourne shell gotcha with ( ... ) command grouping
2009-07-13: Some stuff on NFS access restrictions
Shell scripts should not use absolute paths for programs
2009-07-12: A brief history of NFS server access restrictions
2009-07-11: What can go wrong in making NFS mounts
2009-07-10: An unpleasant surprise about ZFS scrubbing in Solaris 10 U6
2009-07-09: The high-level version of how mounting NFS filesystems works
2009-07-08: Fedora and workstations (on Linux distributions for desktops)
2009-07-07: Why and why not Fedora
2009-07-06: How you could do a shared root directory with NFS
2009-07-05: The coming Internet identity problem
2009-07-04: A side note on the cost of operations
2009-07-03: How software makes reverse proxying hard
2009-07-02: Finding out when a command in a pipeline fails

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