Wandering Thoughts archives

2009-08-31: How to deprecate bits of your program
The IO scheduler improvements I saw
2009-08-30: Some more thinking about requirements in specifications
2009-08-29: MUST versus SHOULD in your specifications
2009-08-28: ZFS changes filesystem device numbers on reboot
2009-08-26: What packages SystemTap requires on Ubuntu 8.04 (and others)
A frame object's f_locals isn't always the locals
2009-08-24: The problem with the CFQ IO scheduler and our iSCSI targets
Anti-spam content scanning systems need to scan more
2009-08-23: You should not use HTTP request parameters as filenames
2009-08-22: A gotcha with Python's new signal.siginterrupt()
2009-08-21: The danger of powerful generality, illustrated
2009-08-20: Python modules should not reinvent OSError
2009-08-19: Link: Using colour well in data visualization
Python, signal handlers, and EINTR
2009-08-18: Why user programs mapping page zero is so bad news on x86 hardware
2009-08-17: More accidental BitTorrent on our network
2009-08-16: Testing versus extensibility
2009-08-15: SSDs and the RAID resync problem
2009-08-14: Sorting out what 'passive ftp' is
2009-08-12: Undo is sometimes not good enough
One thing your mail-sending system should do
2009-08-11: The somewhat apocryphal history of comments in the Bourne shell
2009-08-10: The difference in the Bourne shell between : and #
2009-08-09: Building true ssh opportunistic connection sharing
2009-08-08: How I use ssh's connection sharing feature
2009-08-07: The basics of ssh's connection sharing feature
2009-08-06: A rule for Internet software
2009-08-05: A feature that I wish Linux package managers had
2009-08-04: A downside to syndication feed readers respecting permanent HTTP redirects
2009-08-02: Limitations on custom NFS mount authorization on Solaris
What you can't do before you drop setuid permissions

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