Wandering Thoughts archives

2009-09-30: A little habit: cat >/dev/null
On (not) putting IP addresses in registration email
2009-09-28: Two ends of hardware acceleration
What I think about why graphics cards keep being successful
2009-09-27: Some suggestions for registration confirmation emails
Why you can no longer have an 'invite-your-friends' feature
2009-09-26: How our 'plug in and go' laptop network DHCP portal works
2009-09-25: How our DHCP registration portal redirections work
2009-09-24: SSL certificates require proper domain names
2009-09-23: A brief overview of the Solaris 10 nvpair library
2009-09-22: Some trivia about Python frame objects
2009-09-21: Exploring the frame object f_builtins member
2009-09-20: Why kernel packaging is so bad in Debian and Ubuntu
2009-09-19: Why I am not a fan of hardware acceleration
2009-09-18: Are you sure it's a C string?
2009-09-17: A trick to testing https setups on test machines
2009-09-16: Some kernel lockd NFS error messages explained
2009-09-14: Listing file locks on Solaris 10
Forwarding emails without false positives
2009-09-13: How modern CPUs are like (modern) disks
2009-09-12: My opinions on when you should let ZFS handle RAID stuff
2009-09-11: Why you should let ZFS handle the RAID stuff
2009-09-10: What I know about how ZFS actually handles spare disks
2009-09-09: Postfix versus Exim
2009-09-08: Some ways to avoid needing a public ticketing system
2009-09-07: A use for ticketing systems as your primary support method
2009-09-06: What typing ^D really does on Unix
2009-09-05: Why the Unix EINTR semantics (probably) exist
2009-09-03: An interesting issue with doing NFS over TCP (apparently)
Programming blindness and security
2009-09-02: Environment variables make bad switches

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