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2009-11-30: Using content hashing to avoid the double post problem
Poking around the OpenSolaris codebase (for sysadmins)
2009-11-29: In security, you need to stop the root mistake
2009-11-28: 'Conditional restart' in init.d scripts can be dangerous
2009-11-27: Modern version control systems change your directory layouts
2009-11-26: Some notes for myself on git bisect
2009-11-25: Why I love Unix, number N (for some N)
2009-11-24: An important lesson for me on Fedora upgrades
2009-11-23: Converting a directory from RCS to Mercurial
My current unhappy thoughts on Fedora 12
2009-11-22: RCS versus modern version control systems
2009-11-21: An update on faulted ZFS spares
2009-11-20: Spam and the attraction of reach
2009-11-19: The corollary for effective anti-spam heuristics
2009-11-18: Universities are open environments
2009-11-17: Finally understanding the appeal of 'Interfaces'
2009-11-16: 'Is-a' versus 'is-a-descendant-of'
2009-11-15: A limitation of Python types from C extension modules
2009-11-14: How to defer things in Exim
2009-11-13: (Ab)using Exim routers for their full power
2009-11-12: What makes Exim work as a mailer construction kit
2009-11-11: For universities, the Internet world has fundamentally changed
2009-11-10: HTML5 may end up giving us real, working XHTML
2009-11-08: My problem with the obvious solution to my unexposed types problem
2009-11-07: Solving unexposed types and the limits of duck typing
A gotcha with Bash on Ubuntu 8.04
2009-11-06: A shell script thing that I have learned the hard way
2009-11-05: Why the NFS client is at fault in the multi-filesystem NFS problem
2009-11-04: The cause of the multi-filesystem NFS export problem
2009-11-02: Are security bugs always code bugs?

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