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2009-12-31: Why free things are so attractive in universities
Look at your pull-based system for things that push
2009-12-30: Real world support periods are shorter than they look
2009-12-29: Solaris is not open source
2009-12-28: The annoying timing of future SSL certificate renewals
2009-12-27: Some OpenSSL and SSL certificate basics
2009-12-26: Things that limit the performance of hardware acceleration
2009-12-25: Linux's non-strict overcommit is the right default
2009-12-24: The advantages of open source software RAID
2009-12-23: Another demonstration of SSL Certification Authority (in)competence
2009-12-22: How not to set up your DNS (part 20)
Do you have a network layout diagram?
Using OpenID for local web application authentication
2009-12-20: Some things about getting useful output from time
Some thoughts on intercepting https traffic
2009-12-19: Local CAs and an interesting consequence of the SSL security model
2009-12-18: Secure or useful: pick one
2009-12-17: The good and bad of SQL
2009-12-16: How Linux software RAID is making me grumpy right now
2009-12-15: The high costs of true security paranoia in the face of compromises
2009-12-13: Sysadmin versus developer uses of version control systems
Mercurial versus git for sysadmins, or why we picked Mercurial
2009-12-12: You should always be able to get a program's version and basic usage
2009-12-11: A wish for KVM virtualization: simple bridged networking
2009-12-10: How not to copy a file to standard output in Python
2009-12-09: My views on inheritance versus interface
2009-12-08: Why I am not enthused about etckeeper and similar systems
2009-12-07: Why whitelists (and blacklists) are long-term poison for online systems
2009-12-05: Overcoming the drawbacks of preforking accept() servers
What version of Python is included in various current OSes
2009-12-04: Learning from Unicorn: the accept() thundering herd non-problem
2009-12-02: The problem with the OpenSolaris source repository
The mixed directory/unrelated files VCS problem

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