Wandering Thoughts archives

2010-01-31: More vim options it turns out that I want
Thinking about syndication feeds and spoilers
2010-01-30: I'm puzzled about DNS glue records in the modern world
2010-01-29: A theory about Apple's new iPad
2010-01-28: Always sign exactly what you are authenticating
2010-01-27: AT&T's mad unbundling and the damage it did to Unix
2010-01-26: Why the modern age is great
2010-01-25: You can only really expire cookies on the server
2010-01-24: How I should have done password crypto for DWiki
2010-01-23: A Python safety tip: Do notice that things can throw exceptions
2010-01-22: Three ways to get tracebacks in your CGI Python application
2010-01-20: The argument for not managing systems via packages
One of the things that killed network computers (aka thin clients)
2010-01-19: OpenSolaris versus Solaris
2010-01-18: More on mismatched sectors on Linux software RAID mirrors
2010-01-17: I do not like Unix's fossilization
2010-01-16: Different visions of what packaging systems are for
2010-01-15: Packaging systems should support overlays
2010-01-14: Packaging systems should be comprehensive
2010-01-13: One reason why you should not let people register other people
2010-01-12: How systems get created in the real world
2010-01-11: In praise of crash (and kernel source)
2010-01-10: Why the Solaris packaging system is bad
2010-01-09: Patch management is part of package management
2010-01-08: A brief and jaundiced history of Unix packaging systems
Interesting things can happen when you scale things up
2010-01-06: A theory on why most browsers control their own list of CA roots
The department's model for providing computing support
2010-01-04: Some thoughts on battery backup for RAID controller cards
Turning synchronous channels asynchronous
2010-01-03: Go interfaces are not my sort of interfaces
2010-01-02: Proper disclosure, or how not to be a comment spammer
2010-01-01: Brief bits from the evolving ipsCA failure

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