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2010-02-28: Why XML is terrible for configuration files
The dividing line between supporting code and forking it
2010-02-27: An 'email marketing' wish
2010-02-26: The remaining Unixes (and their manpages)
2010-02-25: Reading the Oracle tea leaves for Solaris
2010-02-24: How to listen on a socket in the modern IPv6-enabled world
2010-02-23: What Linux's getaddrinfo() is doing with IPv6 (on some versions)
2010-02-22: Unix portability and scripting language versions
2010-02-21: It's sinking in that Sun is gone
2010-02-20: Viral marketing versus word of mouth marketing
2010-02-19: Using socket.getaddrinfo to look up IP addresses
2010-02-18: Some notes on using socket.getaddrinfo()
2010-02-17: The purpose of configuration files
2010-02-16: A Linux gotcha about daemons and bindv6only
2010-02-15: IPv6 with Lighttpd on Linux
2010-02-14: Brief notes on IPv6 support in some Linux programs
2010-02-13: Some stuff on dual-bound IPv6 sockets on Linux
2010-02-12: The many IPv6 addresses of an IPv4 machine
2010-02-11: Forcing your webpage content to scroll is generally a bad idea
2010-02-10: Beware of using Linux's hostname -s switch
Some thoughts about 6to4
2010-02-09: Why your program should have an actual configuration file
2010-02-08: A thought on deliberately slow disaster recovery
2010-02-07: The problem with blog footnotes
2010-02-06: Why a laptop is not likely to be my primary machine any time soon
2010-02-05: Emergency procedures checklists need check steps
2010-02-03: Outdated documentation is especially risky for sysadmins
Link: Pollution in
How to destroy people's interest in updating documentation
2010-02-02: What charging credit cards doesn't prove

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