Wandering Thoughts archives

2010-03-31: Looking back at a year of our disk-based backup system
Remote applications and Gnome settings: an irritation
2010-03-30: One possible future for Solaris
2010-03-29: More signs of Oracle's view of Solaris
My theory on why our worklogs work for us
2010-03-28: The evolution of checklists in my work
2010-03-27: Testing in the face of popen()
2010-03-26: Tkinter sometimes has a busy-wait main loop (more or less)
2010-03-25: The problem with overly verbose package installation
2010-03-24: One reason why 'zpool status' can hang
2010-03-23: No DSL is 'human-readable' as such
2010-03-22: Why I exploit Python to shim modules for testing purposes
2010-03-21: The power of 'I like this' in social applications
2010-03-20: Web analytics versus GET parameter security
2010-03-19: The problem with general purpose languages as configuration languages
2010-03-17: How Solaris 10's mountd works
Another building block of my environment: rxterm
2010-03-16: The Solaris 10 NFS server's caching of filesystem access permissions
2010-03-15: How to create pointless error reports (and how not to)
2010-03-14: Space and content
2010-03-13: A surprising lack: milter clients
2010-03-12: End results versus what's inside the black box
2010-03-11: Why the pam_mail PAM module is not my friend
2010-03-10: Mythology about Unix workstations
2010-03-09: How not to design an API (in C): the enum ordering mistake
2010-03-08: Exceptions versus error return values
2010-03-07: Why I don't expect third-party support for OpenSolaris
2010-03-06: Pushing code changes upstream is hard work
2010-03-05: PCs are (or can be) Unix workstations
2010-03-04: You want to do spam forwarding on a separate machine
2010-03-03: All syndication formats use XML
2010-03-02: A building block of my environment: rxexec

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