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2010-04-30: A rule of thumb: Automate where you can make mistakes
Never kill the screen locker
2010-04-29: How you access an object can be important in Python
2010-04-28: Altering a Python function's local variables with a trace function
2010-04-27: Evolving our mail system step 1: adding an external mail gateway
2010-04-26: How we moved from a black-box mailer configuration to a white-box one
2010-04-25: An observation about Twitter (and Google)
2010-04-24: Evolving our mail system: the overview and our goals
2010-04-23: What per-partition disk IO stats you get from the Linux kernel
2010-04-22: The latest Solaris licensing and support rumbles
2010-04-21: The advantage of garbage collection for APIs
2010-04-20: Standard format Unix errors in Python programs
2010-04-19: Why you don't want to host your MTA machine in the cloud
2010-04-18: I think it's time to turn off automatic periodic ext3 fscks
2010-04-17: The 30 second elevator pitch on HTML 4.01 (vs XHTML)
2010-04-16: How to write to stderr so people will like you
2010-04-15: The standard format Unix error messages
2010-04-14: The myth of a completely shared knowledge base across sysadmins
2010-04-13: The impact of single-disk slow writes on mirrors (and other RAID arrays)
2010-04-12: The importance of figuring out low-level symptoms of problems
2010-04-11: The comedy potential inherent in people reusing your address space
2010-04-10: Why commands can never afford to get it wrong in a version
2010-04-09: The processing flow of a network copying program
2010-04-08: A little script: sshup
2010-04-07: Our current mail system's configuration
2010-04-06: How not to set up IP aliases on Ubuntu (and probably Debian)
2010-04-05: An important thing about how ZFS handles spares
2010-04-04: The problem with header and footer overlays on web pages
2010-04-03: A DVCS advantage for open source development
2010-04-02: Notes on the compatibility of crypted passwords on various Unixes

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