Wandering Thoughts archives

2010-08-31: I don't understand how net.ipv4.conf.*.rp_filter can work
2010-08-30: My avoidance of Python global variables
2010-08-29: A Bourne shell irritation: no wildcard matching operator
How many uberblock copies ZFS writes on transaction group commits
2010-08-28: The different between an SMTP proxy and a SMTP relay
2010-08-27: My impressions of Google Chrome so far
2010-08-25: A Windows moment on my laptop
The limitation of templates for web design changes
2010-08-24: A design mistake in my comments form
2010-08-23: Why I hate the Solaris 10 version of /bin/sh
My (probably wrong) assumption about Flash on Fedora
2010-08-22: Another reason to hate $LANG and locales on Unix
2010-08-21: A sudden realization about Unix access time updates and disk mirrors
2010-08-20: A clever blog anti-usability trick
2010-08-19: Getting Flash to work on my upgraded 64-bit Fedora 13 machine
2010-08-18: Please, no automatic scrolling to the next item
2010-08-17: The two sorts of Referer spam that I see
2010-08-16: What OpenSolaris's death probably means for us
2010-08-15: Why I change font sizes
2010-08-14: What I want in a caching nameserver
2010-08-13: PPP over ssh: solving problems with indirection
2010-08-12: Many programs should provide an easy way to change font size
2010-08-11: You should have a way to purge history
2010-08-10: Upgrading to Fedora 13 with my first yum upgrade
2010-08-08: The joy of debugging other people's programs
A personal view of the Fedora versus Ubuntu issue
2010-08-07: Why buying a Linux machine is not such a simple thing
2010-08-06: A thing I miss in the modern X world: command line arguments
2010-08-05: Doing unsigned 32-bit integer math in Python
2010-08-04: Good Solaris news from Oracle for once
2010-08-02: How OpenBSD's pf source-hash maps internal IPs to NAT pool IPs
2010-08-01: The consequence of Oracle's Solaris decisions

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