Wandering Thoughts archives

2010-09-30: Stopping kernel updates on Ubuntu
A lot of my bugs are conceptual oversights
2010-09-29: A surprise about random IO versus unnecessary IO
2010-09-27: Why there is no POSIX standard for a Unix GUI
Why Grub2 doesn't solve my Ubuntu kernel problem
2010-09-26: The problems with OpenSolaris
2010-09-25: How Usenet used to be a filesystem stress test
2010-09-24: Frames were never necessary for menus and tables of contents
2010-09-23: Why things should be in Python's standard library
2010-09-22: The mysteries of video cards for Linux
2010-09-20: Dear Solaris boot sequence: SHUT UP
2010-09-19: Your on the fly control system should not use toggles
Some notes on (dynamic) Bind 9 logging
2010-09-18: Another reason why I don't like Ubuntu kernel packaging
2010-09-17: More on the module selection problem
2010-09-15: Why I like modules to be in the Python standard library
An overview of the Debian and RPM source package formats
2010-09-14: A confession: I find third party modules awkward in Python
2010-09-13: Why you want a recursive-forwarding caching nameserver
2010-09-12: Keyword expansion: why RCS rewrites files when you commit them
One aspect of getting used to modern version control
2010-09-11: A simple thing that every package management system should have
2010-09-10: Go's network package and IPv6 (and my ideal version thereof)
2010-09-09: Go, IPv6, and single binding machines
2010-09-07: My new view of DomainKeys
2010-09-06: Sorting out DomainKeys and understanding its limits
2010-09-05: An observation from changing my password
A plan to deal with my feed reader problem
2010-09-04: The laziness of a programmer, illustrated
2010-09-03: Finally understanding the attraction of AJAX
2010-09-02: Why Python's global is necessary

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