Wandering Thoughts archives

2010-11-30: A modest idea on how to get people to use Fedora Rawhide
2010-11-29: Why low quality encryption is not better than no encryption
Why 10G Ethernet is not a near-term issue for us
2010-11-28: Why I am harsh on Solaris Live Upgrade and similar tools
2010-11-27: Why I'm not really interested in Solaris's Live Upgrade stuff
2010-11-26: My view on Wayland replacing X in Linux
2010-11-25: An example of the progress of the modern web
2010-11-24: My oddly inconsistent caution (or paranoia) with email addresses
2010-11-22: Where to find the Illumos source repository
2010-11-21: Why I think some coding tricks are especially damaging
2010-11-20: Why I avoid DSA when I have a choice
More on those Python import oddities
2010-11-18: My current Apache SSL cipher settings
Thinking about how long our infrastructure will last
2010-11-16: When good ideas go bad: how not to do a file chooser dialog
2010-11-15: The language dilemma for production software
2010-11-14: Four reasons to have a firewall
The ordering of SSL chain certificates
2010-11-13: How os.path exposes some Python import weirdness
2010-11-11: The changing assumptions about viruses in email
Some yum tricks with distro-sync and --releasever
2010-11-09: Directory link counts and a find trick
2010-11-08: A find optimization and a piece of history, all in one
When Linux's rp_filter might make sense
2010-11-07: When you should care about security
2010-11-06: Modern versions of Apache and Redirect
2010-11-05: GNU sort and -k: a gotcha
2010-11-04: What we (currently) use virtualization for
2010-11-03: One reason that I call us a midsized environment
2010-11-01: Redirecting from HTTP to HTTPS is a bad security idea

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