Wandering Thoughts archives

2010-12-31: The only way to really be secure with SSL
One group that can sensibly use non-GPL'd Linux kernel modules
2010-12-30: Why you need select() even with communication channels
2010-12-29: Spam as a tax on public participation in open source projects
2010-12-28: A modest proposal for fixing your bug tracker
2010-12-27: Users don't care about security
2010-12-26: A lesson for myself: write tests. Really.
2010-12-25: Garbage-collected languages and memory allocation failures
2010-12-24: The jurisdiction problem with making SSL CAs liable for things
2010-12-23: More on the Unix interpreter startup problem
2010-12-22: The Unix interpreter problem(s)
2010-12-21: Why I want tests to be easy to write
2010-12-20: I don't understand how to test complex data structures
2010-12-19: A tale of memory allocation failure
2010-12-17: A Python (non-)idiom that I should really avoid
Sometimes bugs have very small edit distances
2010-12-16: The elements of a non-event
2010-12-15: Always remember that people make mistakes
2010-12-13: Fumbling towards understanding how to use DRBD
A program that I want to write: a 'sink' SMTP server
2010-12-12: One problem with the files-in-directory approach to configuration
2010-12-11: The danger of having system programmers around, illustrated
2010-12-10: How to get sysadmins to never use your software again
2010-12-09: A small request for C programmers: no static locals
2010-12-08: Exploring a limitation of the DTrace fbt provider (on x86)
2010-12-07: More on https as a necessary mistake
2010-12-06: What performance anomalies mean
2010-12-05: A log message format mistake that I've made
2010-12-03: Asking users questions never increases security
Why https was a mistake, but an inevitable one
2010-12-02: My view of OpenSolaris and Illumos

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