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2011-01-31: There are two sorts of standards in the world
A little advantage of Django's automatic primary keys
2011-01-30: An obvious realization about SQL foreign keys
2011-01-29: Two things I have discovered about Django schema design
The amusement of minimalist spam
2011-01-28: On programming (and me)
2011-01-27: Not very much about Solaris NFS filehandles
2011-01-26: The various ways of writing a modern Python web app
2011-01-25: The modern Python web application stack (as I understand it)
2011-01-24: Poison pills, a tale of interrupts versus highly structured systems
2011-01-23: The question of how long our greylisting interval should be
2011-01-22: The clash between wikis and blogging
2011-01-21: A bit more on listing file locks on Solaris 10
2011-01-20: Something I've worked out about Django's admin interface
2011-01-18: What I am trying to do with Django
2011-01-17: Wrestling with how to design a schema for a Django app
2011-01-16: More on Linux FHS and /var
Why I don't use either a thin client or a fat client
2011-01-15: Linux's FHS is not the right answer for where to put data directories
2011-01-14: Wikis are not a simple solution for blogging
2011-01-13: One of SELinux's problems is that it's a backup mechanism
2011-01-11: My problem with SELinux
The optimistic view of SELinux's real purpose
2011-01-10: Why really high computer security is not interesting to most people
2011-01-09: What would be nice for SSL is out-of-band certificate binding
2011-01-08: Finding out if you've been hit by careful, clever spammers
2011-01-07: More modest suggestions for bug trackers
2011-01-06: An appreciation for the Posix $( ) command substitution syntax
2011-01-05: An actual use for the CSS overflow property
2011-01-04: A new building block of my environment: dmenu
2011-01-03: On improved but less functional versions of things
2011-01-02: Why there is a gulf between shells and scripting languages

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