Wandering Thoughts archives

2011-02-28: The evolution of filtering (a story from the Usenet era)
The slowdown of Solaris here
2011-02-27: Django's forms are security-smart the way you want them to be
2011-02-26: A belated realization about web spiders and your page cache
2011-02-25: Why I am not enthused about ZFS for my root filesystem
2011-02-23: Handling variations of a page (or, the revenge of REST)
A quick tour of my desktop
2011-02-22: Why I want read-only form fields in Django
2011-02-21: How to get automatic volume management on Fedora 14 without Gnome
2011-02-20: What windows I use window titlebars on
2011-02-19: My view on window titlebars and when they are good and bad
2011-02-18: Another building block of my environment: xrun
2011-02-17: My latest crazy plan to upgrade my home Linux machine
2011-02-16: The myth of isolated, independent sysadmins
2011-02-15: More on an advantage of the blog approach to web writing
2011-02-14: Thinking about misunderstandings (in systems)
2011-02-13: A humbling experience with '#' characters in filenames
2011-02-12: An advantage of the blog approach to web writing versus the wiki approach
2011-02-11: The letdown
2011-02-10: Using Django forms with HTTP GETs
2011-02-09: On flow (a digression)
2011-02-08: Thinking realistically about SQL database field sizes
2011-02-07: My brute force email archive
2011-02-06: Dear Unix mailers: please allow more forgery
2011-02-05: A side note on Google Chrome and the future of HTML
2011-02-04: Why people put NFS mounts in subdirectories
2011-02-03: The real lesson of XHTML
2011-02-02: Django and primary keys versus surrogate keys
My issues with primary keys are not Django specific

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