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2011-03-31: A slightly unobvious trap with 'from module import *'
A really annoying gap in system observability
2011-03-30: A realization about code complexity and clarity
2011-03-28: Why you should avoid 'from module import whatever'
The problem with contributing documentation to projects
2011-03-27: Some thinking on proliferating web standards
2011-03-26: How not to issue Linux kernel security update notices
2011-03-25: Sending email via a SMTP connection considered harmful
2011-03-24: XHTML and web authoring folklore
2011-03-22: How to add and use additional fields on Django model formsets
Some notes on doing things with Django model formsets
2011-03-21: Why XHTML was doomed from the beginning
2011-03-20: The devil's advocate argument against paying attention to web standards
2011-03-19: The two sides of (PPPoE) DSL service
2011-03-18: How to configure a (PPPoE) DSL connection on a normal Fedora 14 Gnome desktop
2011-03-17: The timing of production Linux deployments
2011-03-16: Thinking about our alternatives to Solaris
2011-03-15: Our uncertain future with Solaris 11
2011-03-14: Why growing IPv6 usage is going to be fun, especially for sysadmins
2011-03-13: Why programs traditionally used sparse files on Unix
2011-03-12: Trust betrayed: a story of modern email
2011-03-11: What tools I use to deal with email
2011-03-10: What we did to get iSCSI multipathing working on Solaris 10 update 8
2011-03-09: Why feed readers have been a geek flash in the pan
2011-03-08: My personal hard drive capacity curve inflection point
2011-03-07: What terminal emulators I use when
2011-03-06: A fun Linux kernel pty problem, or maybe it's not a problem
2011-03-05: FastCGI's encoding mistakes and how not to design a wire protocol
2011-03-04: Why I call FastCGI complex and SCGI much simpler
2011-03-02: The POSIX shell and the three sorts of Unixes
Filtering, email, and differences from Usenet

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