Wandering Thoughts archives

2011-04-30: Our likely iSCSI parameter tuning
2011-04-29: Understanding the iSCSI protocol for performance tuning
2011-04-28: How CPython implements __slots__ (part 2): access
2011-04-27: Mail rejection stats for our external mail gateway
Some notes on what __dictoffset__ on types means in CPython
2011-04-26: A quick look at some spam filtering stats from our system
2011-04-25: An important note about multi-line log message formats
2011-04-24: Notes to myself on the priorities of Linux routing policy rules
2011-04-23: The Upstart dependency problem
2011-04-21: Nailing down new-style classes and types in Python
How CPython implements __slots__ (part 1): storage
2011-04-19: Another reason to avoid using __slots__ in your Python classes
A difference between Python 'structs' and C structs
2011-04-18: What made X Windows so special
2011-04-17: The ultimate (for now) answer for our ZFS ARC size problem
2011-04-16: Cache validators versus cache invalidation
2011-04-15: Why a dynamic website with caching is simpler than a baked site
2011-04-14: More on baking websites to static files and speed
2011-04-13: Some common caching techniques for dynamic websites
2011-04-11: You don't need to bake your site to static files to be fast
The importance of test suites for standards
2011-04-10: The evolution of the git tree format
2011-04-08: An example of modifying a Firefox extension
2011-04-07: Why I don't like Solaris boot archives, illustrated
2011-04-06: Monkey subclassing for fun and profit
2011-04-05: The story of leaving N% of your filesystem unused for performance
2011-04-04: Why logging to syslog is different than logging to standard error
Logs are not just streams
2011-04-03: Please don't alert based on percentages
2011-04-02: How to use gdb to call getpeername()

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