Wandering Thoughts archives

2011-06-30: Some ways to test if a program securely runs other programs
Please have symmetric option negotiations in your protocols
2011-06-29: Our ZFS spares handling system (part 1)
2011-06-28: How to securely run programs from inside your program on Unix
2011-06-27: Formatting information output to make it easy to manage
2011-06-26: Design systems to be managed
2011-06-25: A small wish about parked and squatted domains
2011-06-23: Milter tools for Python and an experiment with coding in public
The ZFS opacity problem and its effect on manageability
2011-06-22: A basic Namespace metaclass for Python
Abusing Python classes as namespaces
2011-06-20: It's long since time for languages to provide sensible network IO
What I need for stream decoding and encoding binary protocols
2011-06-19: The Unix shell initialization problem and how shells should work
2011-06-18: My xdm heresy
2011-06-17: cgroups: so close and yet so far away from per-user fair scheduling
2011-06-16: My three sorts of (Linux) desktops
2011-06-15: The persistence of spammers, illustrated
2011-06-14: A package dependency failure in Fedora 15
2011-06-13: An example of the evolution of a real network
2011-06-12: Noting some wandering thoughts on the occasion of an anniversary
Why [], {}, and () are cheap in Python
2011-06-11: Some notes on __slots__ and class hierarchies
2011-06-10: What __slots__ are good for (or, how to use slots to save memory)
2011-06-09: My issues with Chrome's handling of extensions
More impressions of Google Chrome
2011-06-08: OpenBSD pf rule numbers and tcpdump filtering
2011-06-07: Databases as a compromise damage limiter in web applications
2011-06-06: How much space a Python dictionary entry uses
2011-06-05: A subtle difference between tuples and lists in CPython
2011-06-04: Sometimes having a system programmer around is the right answer
2011-06-03: Ints, __slots__, and Python 3
2011-06-02: My understanding of SQL normalization

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