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2011-07-31: Reference counting and multiple inheritance in (C)Python
One of my testing little dirty secrets
2011-07-29: Deciding the meaning of 'disabling' an account (and the value of procedures)
2011-07-28: A directory service doesn't make it easy to disable user accounts
Another reason why version control systems should support history rewriting
2011-07-27: Why not YP, er, NIS
2011-07-26: Disabling an account can be kind of complex
2011-07-25: The risks of using CentOS are split
A little thing that irritates me about common WSGI implementations
2011-07-24: On documenting (or not documenting) binary protocols
2011-07-23: What good secure string expansion on Unix should look like
2011-07-22: String expansion and securely running programs on Unix
2011-07-20: Why I would like my mailer to have a real programming language (part 2)
Our ZFS spares handling system (part 3)
2011-07-18: Thinking about when SQL normalization can improve performance
My view on ORMs
2011-07-17: Another reason to reject spam at SMTP time: as a signal
2011-07-15: Ubuntu, illustrating how to utterly fail at kernel security updates
Something to remember: HTML forms are anonymous
2011-07-14: Ramblings on handling optional arguments in Python
2011-07-12: Why I'm going to be skipping Fedora 15
Some thoughts on creating simple and sane binary protocols
2011-07-11: mxiostat: second generation better Linux disk IO statistics
Some things to think about when doing polymorphic WSGI
2011-07-10: Exploiting polymorphic WSGI again to create cat
2011-07-08: My view on iSCSI performance troubleshooting
2011-07-07: An interesting gotcha with Exim and .forward processing
How Exim makes traditional .forward semantics work
2011-07-06: Our solution to the spam forwarding problem
2011-07-05: Another reason to allow mail origin address forgery
2011-07-04: Our ZFS spares handling system (part 2)
2011-07-03: Why Ubuntu's PAM versioning failure matters
2011-07-02: Dear Googlebot: SMTP is not HTTP

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