Wandering Thoughts archives

2011-08-31: An interesting debugging experience (another tale from long ago)
Who is the audience for a trouble ticket update?
2011-08-29: Devirtualization
Designing services for disengagement
2011-08-28: The problem with busy sysadmins
2011-08-26: Why we don't use a trouble ticketing system
The problem for WSGI middleware
2011-08-25: Trouble ticketing systems and the future
2011-08-24: Why we have a problem with Oracle's Solaris support pricing
2011-08-23: Reading the tea leaves about Oracle, Solaris, and universities
2011-08-22: V8's neat encoding trick for type tracking
2011-08-21: The conflict between caching and tracking on the web
2011-08-20: Why browsers can't really change or validate Last-Modified
2011-08-19: Visibility: an advantage of automation
2011-08-18: You should always use super()
2011-08-17: MH is an iceberg
2011-08-16: An interesting way to shoot yourself in the foot and a limitation of super()
2011-08-15: A bit about what life was like on Unix before shared libraries
2011-08-14: The tragedy of MH
2011-08-12: A Gnome 3 shell extensions failure
One reason we install machines from checklists instead of via automation
2011-08-11: Friendly 'noreply' email addresses
2011-08-10: The 'key plus authenticator' pattern in web apps
2011-08-08: You need to hash web app session IDs
An incomplete list of the ways around MAC address blocking
2011-08-07: What I want out a Symbol type in Python
2011-08-06: Gnome 3: I'm out
2011-08-05: Why sysadmins don't just notify users about compromised machines
2011-08-04: On banning MAC addresses
2011-08-03: How I encode and decode the milter protocol (or, how to write a codec for a sane binary protocol)
2011-08-02: How to make yourself look bad: broken bounce addresses

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