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2011-10-31: Why 'quiet' options to programs aren't as useful as you think
Deduplication is always going to be expensive
2011-10-30: Why we have a VPN
2011-10-29: Why ZFS dedup is not something we can use
2011-10-28: ZFS features that could entice us to upgrade Solaris versions
2011-10-27: A Wikitext formatting mistake that I made here
2011-10-26: How to fail at useful cryptography: bad error messages
2011-10-25: A reason not to automate: policy flexibility
2011-10-24: Salting passwords compared to slow password hashing
2011-10-23: Boiling frogs and PC performance
2011-10-22: Fedora 15 versus me
2011-10-21: How I'm capturing only the last portion of standard error
2011-10-20: The kind of computer usage I think Gnome 3 is targeting
2011-10-19: Defending Berkeley's forced choice in network device naming
2011-10-18: The Ethernet device naming mistake (or one part of it)
2011-10-17: What I want out of stable device names
2011-10-15: Why I say Fedora 15 could get my machine's Ethernet's name right
The problem with Fedora 15's consistent network device naming
2011-10-14: Power consumption numbers for my 2011 home machine
2011-10-13: The problem with event loops
2011-10-12: The true cost of sysadmin time (actually, of anyone's time)
2011-10-11: Why people are attracted to minimal language cores
2011-10-10: Arranging scopes for for loops
2011-10-09: My view of the state of graphics cards for Linux (in fall 2011)
2011-10-08: My new Linux machine for fall 2011 (planned)
2011-10-07: Python's philosophy of what closures close over
2011-10-06: Thinking about event loops versus threads
2011-10-05: Understanding the motivations of mail service vendors
2011-10-03: On CPython, cell objects, and closures
My idea of how a modern mailing service should work
2011-10-02: Another comment spam precaution that no longer works out
2011-10-01: Understanding a tricky bit of Python generators

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