Wandering Thoughts archives

2011-11-30: On how PCs boot and hard disk partitioning
My mouse button bindings in fvwm, my window manager
2011-11-29: The alternate screen terminal emulator plague
2011-11-28: The login name problem
2011-11-27: Why processing things in inode order is a good idea
2011-11-26: About the order that readdir() returns entries in
2011-11-25: Python instance dictionaries, attribute names, and memory use
2011-11-24: About SATA port multipliers
2011-11-23: The many names of Linux SATA devices
2011-11-21: A cheap caching trick with a preforking server in Python
Mouse scroll wheels versus buttons that you actually want to use
The likely cause of my IPSec dropped packet mystery
2011-11-20: Google Groups fails both anti-spam and basic mailing list management
2011-11-19: My Liferea crashes are not Liferea's fault
2011-11-17: The drawback of modern X font handling
A classic and standard C quoting bug
2011-11-16: Solaris is not an enterprise operating system
2011-11-15: A scroll wheel experiment
2011-11-13: Thinking about how to test our UPSes
A confession about our ZFS configuration
2011-11-12: (Not) parsing wikitext
2011-11-11: My view of the right way to copy lists in Python
2011-11-10: Praise for systemd
2011-11-09: The disappearance of separate filesystems for /usr and /var
2011-11-08: Files and fundamental filesystem activities (on Unix)
2011-11-07: An IPSec mystery with dropped packets
2011-11-06: Ubuntu does system disk mirroring right
2011-11-05: Understanding Apache's Allow, Deny, and Order directives
2011-11-04: More on my Firefox 7 extensions
2011-11-03: My Firefox 7 extensions
2011-11-02: Attention marketers: blog comments are not email

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