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2011-12-31: Why CA-based SSL is not likely to be replaced any time soon
My thoughts on the mockist versus classicalist testing approaches
2011-12-30: Why I don't like Python 3 dropping the comparison function for sorting
2011-12-29: An empirical exploration of whether spammers take Christmas off
2011-12-28: Blog entries should have visible dates (usually)
2011-12-27: Python 3 from the perspective of someone writing new Python code
2011-12-26: Labs versus offices for sysadmins (or at least us)
More wiring for sysadmins: sysadmins and gigabit networking
2011-12-25: Why office switches plus VLANs aren't the answer for sysadmins
2011-12-24: Wiring offices for sysadmins
2011-12-23: Disk space in the modern world
2011-12-21: Python 3 from the perspective of someone with existing Python code
2011-12-20: SSH, man in the middle attacks, and public key authentication
A little script: nssh
2011-12-19: An advance fee fraud spam aphorism
2011-12-18: Understanding the close() and EINTR situation
2011-12-17: Python 3 from the perspective of a Unix sysadmin
2011-12-16: Avoiding the classic C quoting bug in your language
2011-12-14: Practical issues with REST's use of the Accept header
What makes backups real
Shell functions versus shell scripts
2011-12-13: I'm on Twitter now
DWiki's code is now on Github (among other things)
2011-12-12: How not to improve your package updater application
What debugging info I want from things like SMF and systemd
2011-12-11: head versus sed
2011-12-10: ZFS pool activation and iSCSI (part II)
2011-12-09: A quiet advantage of the systemd approach to service management
2011-12-08: Another reason sysadmins should program
2011-12-07: Understanding the Solaris iSCSI initiator (a bit)
2011-12-06: What I know about boot time ZFS pool activation (part I)
2011-12-05: Debuggers and two sorts of bugs
2011-12-04: The current state of GPT, EFI, and Linux
2011-12-03: Why I have comments here
Link: Russ Cox's articles on regular expressions
2011-12-02: The many ways PCs can dual boot multiple OSes

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