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2012-01-31: The solution to the modern X font handling mystery
Where is Oracle going with Solaris?
2012-01-30: HTML is not a SGML dialect and never really has been
2012-01-29: Dealing with Fitts' Law on widescreen displays
Thinking about spam rejection and abuse addresses
2012-01-28: How I use FvwmIconMan
2012-01-27: Why metaclasses work in Python
2012-01-26: The drawback of modern X font handling gets mysterious
2012-01-25: The death of system administration: I'm all for it
2012-01-24: Why I use exec in my shell scripts
2012-01-23: Every so often, I solve a problem with a hammer
2012-01-22: My view of the purpose of object orientation
2012-01-21: The C juggernaut illustrated
2012-01-20: Another Russ Cox regexp article: How Google Code Search Worked
2012-01-19: How not to do repeated fields in web forms
Let's make it official: Solaris 11 is closed source
2012-01-18: SOPA and PIPA matter for everyone
2012-01-17: The first browser blinks on XHTML parsing
2012-01-16: Understanding isinstance() on Python classes
What you can find out about the memory usage of your Linux programs
2012-01-15: Understanding the basic shape of Unix virtual memory management
2012-01-14: What do we mean when we talk about something's memory usage?
2012-01-13: Notes on what Linux's /proc/<pid>/smaps fields mean
2012-01-11: A Yum plugin I would like: using a local DVD as a repo source
How to use systemd to just run some stuff on boot
2012-01-10: An insight on the purpose of comments: volume control
2012-01-09: What my physical desk is like
2012-01-08: The latest annoyance with Google Groups
2012-01-07: Why you might want multiple keys for disk encryption
2012-01-05: Nailing down RPM epoch numbers
Disk encryption, backups, and your threat model
2012-01-03: How to lose your data with full disk encryption the easy way
The drawback of full disk encryption
2012-01-02: An example sort that needs a comparison function

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