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2012-02-29: SSDs and understanding your bottlenecks
The two sorts of display resolution improvements
2012-02-28: In place migration to Linux software RAID
2012-02-26: What information I want out of ZFS tools and libraries
How much spam is forged as being from who it's sent to?
2012-02-25: The (future) problem with Python 2.7
2012-02-24: Blogs and the problem of indexes
2012-02-22: How I can be wrong about the death of sysadmin jobs
2012-02-21: Using and understanding Python metaclasses (an index)
2012-02-20: Why I still have a custom-compiled Firefox
My view of where TCL went wrong
2012-02-18: The most popular sender domains for spam messages sent to here
The downside of automation versus the death of system administration
2012-02-16: Handling modern IPv6 in programming environments
2012-02-15: The temptation of LVM mirroring
A downside of automation
2012-02-13: The problem with long-term production support of things
2012-02-12: Some things about changing from old X fonts to modern TrueType fonts
Understanding FVWM States, with better FVWM code for selecting terminal windows
2012-02-11: How I select (terminal) windows from the keyboard in FVWM
2012-02-09: What supporting a production OS means for me
A general point about SSH personal keys
2012-02-08: Choosing the superblock format for Linux's software RAID
2012-02-06: The advantage of HDMI for dual displays
2012-02-05: My view on what will kill 'traditional' system administration
Link: Filenames.WTF
What five years of PC technology changed for me
2012-02-03: Understanding a subtle Twitter feature
Understanding Resident Set Size and the RSS problem on modern Unixes
2012-02-01: A ZFS pool scrub wish: suspending scrubs

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