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2012-04-30: Notes to myself about progressive JavaScript
2012-04-29: The Python language tutorial is a gem
My two approaches to learning (programming) languages
2012-04-28: ZFS and various sorts of read errors
2012-04-27: The case of the Twitter spam I don't understand
2012-04-26: When we replace disks in our ZFS fileserver environment
2012-04-25: Models of providing computing access in a university department
2012-04-24: Universities and their non-employees
2012-04-23: My perspective on the 'Bring Your Own Device' controversy
2012-04-22: I may be wrong about my simple answer being the right one
2012-04-21: Bash's superintelligent errors about exec failures
2012-04-20: Sometimes the simple answers are the right ones (a lesson from bash)
2012-04-19: An interesting experience with IP-based SMTP blocks
2012-04-18: Why you should never use file (or libmagic) to identify files
2012-04-17: ls -l should show the presence of Linux capabilities
2012-04-16: What you need for migrating web content
2012-04-15: My view on why CISC (well, x86) won over RISC in the end
2012-04-14: The wiki trap (that we've fallen into)
2012-04-12: Tanenbaum was wrong in the Tanenbaum-Torvalds debate
Hypervisors are not microkernels
2012-04-11: Faking (or not) a ternary if operator with && and ||
2012-04-10: Revisiting checksum functions
2012-04-09: Understanding hashing in Python
2012-04-08: My story of running scripts from the web
2012-04-06: Checksums and hashes
Why we haven't taken to DTrace
2012-04-05: Why I hate having /tmp as a tmpfs
2012-04-04: More on equality in Python (well, mostly Python 2.7)
2012-04-03: Python's two versions of equality, with a long digression on hash()
2012-04-02: The problem of ZFS pool and filesystem version numbers

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