Wandering Thoughts archives

2012-06-30: What Linux distributions should do to help their Python 3 transitions
2012-06-29: The magnitude of the migration to Python 3, illustrated
More about my issues with DTrace's language
2012-06-28: Why I don't like implicit string interpolation
2012-06-27: One root of my problem with GNU Emacs
2012-06-26: A little gotcha with SSH connection sharing
2012-06-25: Why sophisticated line editing is not in the kernel
2012-06-24: My take on fancy editors for programming
2012-06-22: How the Linux kernel command line is processed (more or less)
The effects of DTrace's problems
2012-06-21: How I want to do redirects in Apache, especially in .htaccess files
2012-06-20: An update on comment spammer behavior here on WanderingThoughts (once again)
2012-06-19: How I'm doing AJAX with Django in my web app
2012-06-17: A realization about whether I can contribute to Python development
Why our server had its page allocation failure
2012-06-16: Decoding the Linux kernel's page allocation failure messages
2012-06-15: How the Linux kernel divides up your RAM
2012-06-13: Some tricky bits in in-browser form mangling and validation
Client side form validation can let people explore their options
2012-06-11: What bits of a form are useful to check on the client side
Choosing how slowly your mailer should time out email
2012-06-10: The anti-spam implications of email being multiple things in one
Modern email is actually multiple things in one system (mailer timeouts edition)
2012-06-09: Rethinking when your mailer sends 'not-yet-delivered' warning messages
2012-06-08: An (accessible) explanation of the Flame malware's Windows Update compromise
2012-06-07: My experience doing a Fedora 17 upgrade with yum: it worked fine
2012-06-06: A feature that Linux installers should have: restoring your backups
2012-06-04: Why the TTY line discipline exists in the kernel
2012-06-03: Another view of the merge versus rebase debate in version control
My view on Mercurial versus Git
2012-06-01: Some things that strike me about Linux and UEFI secure booting
The secure boot problem

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