Wandering Thoughts archives

2012-07-31: Would GPL'ing ZFS have worked or been a good idea?
Ruminations on the future of ZFS
2012-07-30: IPv6 is going to be a fruitful source of configuration mistakes
2012-07-29: The periodic strangeness of idiomatic Python
2012-07-28: The ecological niches of current open source Unixes
2012-07-27: What 32-bit x86 Linux's odd 896 MB kernel memory boundary is about
2012-07-25: The kernel memory addressing problem
My dislike for what I call 'perverse Test Driven Development'
2012-07-24: Unicode's two new problems
2012-07-22: The history of booting Linux with software RAID
A sleazy trick to capture debugging output from an initramfs
2012-07-20: Ubuntu 12.04 can't reliably boot with software RAID (and why)
The temptation of selective sender address verification
2012-07-19: Unicode code points and abstract characters
2012-07-18: Strings in Python 2 and Python 3
2012-07-16: Getting an Ubuntu 12.04 machine to give you boot messages
My arrogance about Unicode and character encodings
2012-07-15: My general issue with Unicode in Python 3
2012-07-14: ZFS's problem with generic messages
2012-07-13: Why system administration certifications have worked so far
2012-07-12: Why formal sysadmin education isn't likely any time soon
2012-07-11: The extremely cynical take on DevOps
2012-07-10: A theory on why defaults for tunable parameters stay unchanged
2012-07-09: Why the defaults for tunable kernel parameters matter
2012-07-08: Why System V shared memory may normally be limited
2012-07-06: Why Exim has a single queue for all email
Exploring an ARP mystery: a little Linux surprise
2012-07-04: How to irritate sysadmins and give mailers heartburn with your MXes
2012-07-03: The secure web voting problem
The well behaved Unix program and job control signals
2012-07-01: Another cynical take on the nofollow tag

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