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2012-08-31: A realization about one bit of test-driven development
A small rant about looking down on Linux users
2012-08-30: My perspective on why we do in-place reinstalls of machines
2012-08-29: A realization: install configuration files before packages
2012-08-28: When Exim generates bounce messages
2012-08-27: You should log all successful user authentication
2012-08-26: Some brief information about a local spam incident
2012-08-25: Some odd behavior from blog comment spammers
2012-08-24: The theoretical right way to check if an account is in a Unix group
2012-08-23: Illustrating the Ubuntu clown car, AccountsService edition
2012-08-22: My view on the understandability of language idioms
2012-08-21: Another problem with how Debian builds from source packages
2012-08-20: Sysadmins hate updates (more or less)
2012-08-19: Why I don't like the Debian source package format
2012-08-18: What everyone needs in source packages
2012-08-17: How Firefox performs (and doesn't) for me
2012-08-16: Why I hate vendors, printers edition
2012-08-15: The historical background of the *BSD 'base system' versus Linux
2012-08-13: When and where I fell out of love with Firefox
2012-08-12: A nice illustration of the cost of creating and destroying objects in Python
The CPython bytecode difference between iteration and looping
2012-08-11: How not to write kernel messages
2012-08-09: Learning something from not testing jQuery 1.8's beta releases
Ubuntu 12.04 and symbolic links in world-writeable sticky-bitted directories
2012-08-08: Linux ps's problem with login names
2012-08-06: The theoretical legality of shadowing builtins in Python
The (possibly apocryphal) story of System V IPC's origins
2012-08-05: Reasoning backwards (a story about what can happen to SATA disks)
2012-08-04: Oracle, ZFS, and Linux (and Solaris)
2012-08-03: What makes an operating system attractive
2012-08-02: Can Oracle make ZFS much more attractive?

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