Wandering Thoughts archives

2012-09-30: A new anti-spam precaution after our local spam incident
2012-09-29: A recent spam oddity that I've been mulling over
What I would like in colour-specification interfaces
2012-09-28: fork() versus strict virtual memory overcommit handling
2012-09-27: Microkernels and device drivers
2012-09-26: Microkernels and modularity: do microkernels ever make sense?
2012-09-25: The jaundiced C programmer's view of object orientation
2012-09-24: The wrong way to harvest system-level performance stats
2012-09-23: How we handle Ubuntu LTS versions
2012-09-22: Speculation about what comment spammers think they're doing here
2012-09-21: How I enter URLs in my browser
2012-09-20: My alternative to bookmarks: a page of links as the browser start page
2012-09-19: Two views of the argparse module
2012-09-18: My Python versions
2012-09-17: The options problem in Python
2012-09-16: The problem with noise
2012-09-15: Sensible reboot monitoring
2012-09-14: What determines how much work a ZFS resilver has to do
2012-09-13: Why you need mass package rebuilds in some circumstances
2012-09-12: The core problem with developers doing their own packaging
2012-09-11: A realization about ratelimit time horizons
2012-09-09: The core difference between Debian source packages and RPMs
When I've interned Python strings
2012-09-08: When you can log bad usernames for failed authentications
2012-09-07: What the standard(s) say about the order of readdir()'s results
2012-09-06: A little trick and gotcha with Exim ratelimits
2012-09-05: Some thoughts on logging failed login attempts (for existing users)
2012-09-03: People are not ignorant (usually)
2012-09-02: What I would like: testable mailers
Solaris 11 is still closed source (and Oracle is careless with words)

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