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2012-11-30: All kernel messages should be usefully ratelimited. No exceptions.
My new view on why you need to profile code
2012-11-29: One reason why having metrics is important
2012-11-28: When you make a harmless change, check to make sure that it is
2012-11-27: You don't necessarily know what matters for performance
2012-11-25: More thoughts on why Python doesn't see much monkey-patching
The limits of monkey patching in Python
2012-11-24: Simple markup as a style guide and limiter
2012-11-22: A little Unix difference that irritates: what word erase erases
Optional features are in practice not optional to understand
2012-11-21: The varying appeal of wikitext and other simple markup
2012-11-20: Where my Firefox performance problem seems to be
2012-11-19: Python 3's print() annoys me (although maybe it shouldn't)
2012-11-18: Linux is less divergent than commercial Unixes used to be
2012-11-17: Why Google's handling of multiple domains on inbound messages is okay
2012-11-16: Why DTrace does not attract people to Solaris very often
2012-11-15: A learning experience: internal mail flow should never be allowed to bounce
2012-11-13: The problem with SELinux (still)
A potential path to IPv6
2012-11-11: Explaining an RPM oddity
A reminder: string concatenation really is string concatenation
2012-11-10: Why Unix doesn't have user-changeable namespaces
2012-11-09: Some amusing cut and paste work from spammers
2012-11-08: Devops, the return of system programmers?
2012-11-07: DTrace: figuring out what you have access to at tracepoints
2012-11-06: Why I want to do full end-to-end performance tests
2012-11-04: Your logs should always include IP addresses (in addition to hostnames)
Good and bad formats for your log messages
2012-11-03: Another go-around on the drawbacks and balances of automation
2012-11-02: Why our ZFS fileservers sometimes boot slowly

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