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2012-12-31: How our fileserver infrastructure is a commodity setup (and inexpensive)
GNU sort's -h option
2012-12-30: What I'd have liked to hear about Python 3 from the developers
2012-12-29: Why I think that stupid spamming is actively wasteful
2012-12-28: A spammer that is not the brightest light in the box
2012-12-27: Why I somewhat irrationally have a distrust of ZFS on Linux
2012-12-26: Does Python 2 need to evolve?
2012-12-25: A confession: Python 3 has always made me kind of angry
2012-12-24: Why we're almost certainly staying with ZFS
2012-12-23: What we (probably) want in a future version of Solaris
2012-12-22: Packaging in compiled versus interpreted languages
2012-12-21: Version control comes first
2012-12-20: Sysadmins should pretty much version control everything
2012-12-19: Part of good awk programming is getting the clause order right
2012-12-18: Why I'm still using VMware
2012-12-17: Should you alert on the glaringly obvious?
2012-12-16: Alerts should be actionable (and the three sorts of 'alerts')
2012-12-15: A few small notes about OpenBSD PF (as of 4.4 and 5.1)
2012-12-13: A drawback of short servers
2012-12-12: fork() and closing file descriptors
One good use for default function arguments
2012-12-10: The general lesson from the need for metrics
Things that systemd gets right
2012-12-09: When I'd use a web server other than Apache
2012-12-08: Why Apache is such a temptation
2012-12-07: How I use virtualization (and what for)
2012-12-05: One way to break down how people use virtualization
In praise of KVM-over-IP systems
2012-12-04: You can't assume that your performance problems will be obvious
2012-12-03: A reason for detailed commit messages: as a guard against errors
2012-12-02: What goes into the terminal's 'cbreak' and 'raw' modes

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