Wandering Thoughts archives

2013-01-31: The shifting SBL, as experienced here
Why you should support specifying comparison keys (and functions)
2013-01-30: Thinking about FreeBSD versus Illumos for our ZFS fileservers
2013-01-28: Some patterns for easy to parse Domain Specific Languages in Python
2013-01-27: How the modern web 2.0 social web irritates me by hiding discussions
User mode servers versus kernel mode servers
2013-01-25: Some places where I think that Unix is incomplete or imperfect
Unix needs to grow and a consequence of that
2013-01-23: My Unix is a general purpose operating system
What I want to know about kernel security updates
2013-01-22: Disaster recovery preparation is not the same as a DR plan
2013-01-20: Disaster recovery for computers is a means, not an end to itself
Real disaster recovery plans require preallocated resources
2013-01-18: SLAs, downtime, and planning
More on my favorite way of marking continued lines
2013-01-16: My favorite way of marking continued lines
How I drafted (okay, wrote) an entry in public by accident
2013-01-14: Why JavaScript (or something like it) is in demand
Good JavaScript usage is a good thing
2013-01-13: Blogspot's massive web 1.0 failure
2013-01-12: Runtime loading of general code usually requires general dynamic linking
2013-01-11: A thought about static linking and popularity
2013-01-10: The fundamental problem faced by user-level NFS servers
2013-01-09: It turns out I'm biased towards kernel iSCSI target implementations
2013-01-08: Why we wound up using Linux for our iSCSI targets
2013-01-07: Why bad support matters (war story included)
2013-01-06: 24 hours of Atom feed requests here
2013-01-05: What I think changed to make spam deliveries not cost-free
2013-01-04: DTrace's stable providers are not good enough
2013-01-03: An alterate pattern for polymorphism in C
2013-01-02: Some patterns for polymorphism in C

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