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2013-02-28: A decorator for decorators that accept additional arguments
Looking at whether Zen-listed IPs keep trying to send us email
2013-02-27: Link: Go at Google: Language Design in the Service of Software Engineering
2013-02-26: How Linux servers should boot with software RAID
Thinking about how much Solaris 11 is worth to us
Looking at whether (some) IP addresses persist in zen.spamhaus.org
2013-02-24: You should avoid using socket.SOMAXCONN
What limits the number of concurrent connections to a server
2013-02-22: (Ab)using awk on the fly
2013-02-21: Go: using type assertions to safely reach through interface types
Some notes on my first experience with Go
2013-02-20: The meaning of listen(2)'s backlog parameter
2013-02-19: The source of C's dependency hell for linking
2013-02-18: The strikes against Solaris 11 for us
2013-02-17: Some brief opinions and notes on uWSGI
2013-02-16: Finding out what TLS/SSL cryptography people actually get with your servers
2013-02-15: SSL/TLS cipher names (aka 'cipher suites') and what goes into them
2013-02-14: The cost of an API mistake in the socket module's fromfd()
2013-02-12: Some notes on Linux's ionice
2013-02-11: The sinking feeling of discovering a design mistake in your code
Thinking about how I use email
2013-02-10: A little irritating (but understandable) limitation on Go interfaces
2013-02-09: Solve your command parsing problems by using scripts
2013-02-08: Linux's great advantage as a Unix is its willingness to make wrenching changes
2013-02-07: Today's learning experience with CSS: don't be indirect
2013-02-05: What makes DWiki and other dynamic file based blog engines slow
2013-02-04: Dynamic web sites and blogs need not be slow, illustrated
What good cryptography error messages need to include
2013-02-03: Systems with cryptography should always have minimal workarounds
2013-02-02: A fundamental problem with the trackback protocol

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