Wandering Thoughts archives

2013-03-31: Why we'll continue to have local compute servers in the future
Can we really use the cloud?
2013-03-30: One irritation in xargs's interface
2013-03-29: Illumos-based distributions are currently not fully mature
2013-03-27: What checksums in your filesystem are usually actually doing
2013-03-26: Reconsidering a ZFS root filesystem
2013-03-25: Rethinking avoiding Apache
My (current) view of using branches in VCSes
2013-03-24: Looking at how many external recipients inbound email goes to
2013-03-22: Looking at how many recipients our average inbound email has
The problem with trying to make everything into a Python module
2013-03-21: The FreeBSD iSCSI initiator is not ready for serious use (as of 9.1)
2013-03-20: Don't use ab for your web server stress tests (I like siege instead)
2013-03-18: The wrong way for a framework to lay out projects
2013-03-17: The power of suggestion that documentation has
Argument validation using functions
2013-03-16: I'm giving up on upgrading my laptop from Fedora 14
2013-03-15: A dive into the depths of yes `yes no`
2013-03-14: What I want out of a web-based syndication feed reader
2013-03-12: MATE Desktop's failure in Fedora 18
In universities, computers are not an essential service
2013-03-10: The easy way to wind up with multiple subnets on a single (V)LAN segment
The systemd dependency problem
2013-03-09: Why .rpmnew files are evidence of packaging failures
2013-03-08: Debian shows how to do Apache configuration right (and Fedora fumbles it)
2013-03-06: How we make Exim cut off bounce loops
Turning off delays on failed password authentications
2013-03-04: Why you should never use '/bin/sh -c ...' in configuration files
2013-03-03: Why a netcat-like program is a good test of a language
Go: when I'd extend an interface versus making a new one
2013-03-02: The mythology of spending money on things, or not doing so

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