Wandering Thoughts archives

2013-04-30: The two stories of RISC
2013-04-29: My practical problem with preconfigured virtual machine templates
My view of ARM versus other RISCs
2013-04-28: My sysadmin view of Python virtualenvs
2013-04-27: Some theories on why DNSBLs may be dwindling away
2013-04-26: Are there less anti-spam DNS blocklists than there used to be?
2013-04-25: How SuS probably requires the 'run at least once' xargs behavior
2013-04-24: Two mistakes I made with VMs today
2013-04-23: Goodbye, djb dnscache
2013-04-21: RCS should not be your first choice for version control
Why a free SSL Certificate Authority is not horrifying
2013-04-19: How ZFS deals with 'advanced format' disks with 4 Kb physical sectors
How I want storage systems to handle disk block sizes
2013-04-18: How SCSI devices tell you their logical and physical block sizes
2013-04-17: Some thoughts on going to HTTPS by default
2013-04-15: The basics of 4K sector hard drives (aka 'Advanced Format' drives)
Go's friction points for me (and a comparison to Python)
2013-04-14: Python's data structures problem
2013-04-13: Classic linked lists versus Python's list (array) type
2013-04-12: My view on software RAID and the RAID write hole
2013-04-11: Something I'd like to be easier in Solaris's IPS
2013-04-10: Some important things about OpenBSD PF's max-* options
2013-04-08: Fedora 18's TexLive packaging failure
Why ZFS still needs an equivalent of fsck
2013-04-07: The apparent source of my Firefox memory bloat problems
2013-04-06: What I needed to do with Grub2 to change my boot disk
2013-04-05: Authoritative, non-recursive DNS servers now need ratelimiting
2013-04-04: An irritating OpenBSD PF limitation on redirections
2013-04-03: How to make sysadmins unhappy with your project's downloads
2013-04-02: Why listen(2)'s backlog parameter has such an odd meaning

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