Wandering Thoughts archives

2013-05-31: The mystery of POSTs with a zero Content-Length
Understanding the MongoDB code that people are laughing at
2013-05-30: I find Systemtap oddly frustrating
2013-05-28: How you should package local-use configuration files
2013-05-27: Understanding SQL placeholders
Our situation with ZFS and 4 Kb physical sector disks
2013-05-26: Empirically, modern mailing list services are spam senders
2013-05-24: Understanding how CVE-2013-1979 might be exploited
My issue with infinite scrolling web pages: the lack of a stopping point
2013-05-23: Why web robots sending Referer headers is wrong
2013-05-21: Diffbot's bad Referer header
2013-05-20: A serious potential danger with Exim host lists in ACLs
2013-05-19: Today's comment spammer trick: regurgitated comments
The technical effects of being an out of tree Linux kernel module
2013-05-18: A little habit of our documentation: how we write logins
2013-05-17: Why I'm not considering btrfs for our future fileservers just yet
2013-05-16: Why ZFS's CDDL license matters for ZFS on Linux
2013-05-15: Why I've so far been neglecting functional programming languages
2013-05-13: My language irritations with Go (so far) and why I'm wrong about them
The Unix philosophy is not an end to itself
2013-05-11: The consequences of importing a module twice
2013-05-10: Illustrating the tradeoff of security versus usability
Disk IO is what shatters the VM illusion for me right now
2013-05-08: Thoughts on when to replace disks in a ZFS pool
How ZFS resilvering saved us
2013-05-07: Python's relative import problem
2013-05-05: Unix is not necessarily Unixy
The original vision of RISC was that it would be pervasive
2013-05-04: What I see as RISC's big bets
2013-05-03: Virtual disks should be treated as 4k 'Advanced Format' drives
2013-05-01: Two xargs gotchas that you may not know about

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