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2013-06-30: Our pragmatic approach to updating machines to match our baseline
Some very basic DNS blocklist hit information for the last 30 days
2013-06-29: connect() plus write() versus sendto() for UDP sockets
2013-06-28: The limitations of not actually knowing a language
2013-06-27: How much of our incoming email is checked at SMTP DATA time
2013-06-26: What I want from a future version of NFS
2013-06-25: Balancing Illumos against ZFS on Linux
2013-06-24: How to get your syndication feed fetcher at least temporarily banned here
2013-06-23: 'Human error' is not a root cause of problems
2013-06-22: Automatedly overwriting changed files is not a feature
2013-06-21: A Django application design puzzle about modularity
2013-06-20: The question of whether to rewrite an old but working service
2013-06-19: Our approach to configuration management
2013-06-18: What's in the way of us using automated configuration management
2013-06-17: My job versus my career: some thoughts
2013-06-16: Python 3 has very little benefit for ordinary Python programmers
2013-06-15: I'm considering building a custom laptop environment
2013-06-14: The core issue in the Python 3 transition (from my view)
2013-06-13: I don't usually think about IO transfer times
2013-06-12: UI details that you don't expect to can matter a lot
2013-06-11: The good and bad of IPS (as I see it)
2013-06-10: What the SELinux community should be doing
2013-06-09: SELinux should have its own errno value
2013-06-08: The Flickr redesign and knowing your site's focus
2013-06-07: My current understanding of 'software defined networking'
2013-06-06: Why building RPMs for a different architecture is a hard problem
2013-06-05: The case against blog sidebars
2013-06-04: SELinux's toxic mistake
2013-06-02: Security is not the most important thing to most people
Why I do IPSec improperly and reduce my security

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