Wandering Thoughts archives

2013-07-31: The problem with a custom laptop environment: designing it
A Python code structure problem: exception handling with flags
2013-07-30: Phish spam and outside events
2013-07-29: A consistent preference in APIs for kernel and other low-level APIs
2013-07-28: The constraints shaping kernel APIs
2013-07-27: The easy path versus the virtuous path (in system setup)
2013-07-26: Communication is work and a corollary
2013-07-25: An important thing about security issues in HTTP error responses
2013-07-24: Why vendor prices are important things to have
2013-07-23: When Python regexp alternation is faster than separate regexps
2013-07-22: External disk enclosures versus disk servers
2013-07-21: A fun problem: monitoring randomness reduces it
2013-07-19: A bit on the performance of lexers in Python
Thinking about the security issues in HTTP 403 versus 404 errors
2013-07-18: Fedora 19 and the search for volume management
2013-07-17: Do specific HTTP error codes actually matter?
2013-07-15: Systemd needs sensible, non-truncated output
Git's petty little irritation for me
2013-07-14: Why single vendor solutions are a hard sell
2013-07-13: What we need in our fileservers (in the abstract)
2013-07-11: The ZFS ZIL's optimizations for data writes
ZFS transaction groups and the ZFS Intent Log
2013-07-10: Knowing when to go your own way with open source programs
2013-07-09: How we want to recover our ZFS pools from SAN outages
2013-07-07: Sometimes the right thing to do is nothing (at least right then)
A mistake to avoid with summer interns
2013-07-06: Is it particularly useful to have old Unix source sitting around?
2013-07-05: ZFS deduplication is terribly documented
2013-07-04: My version of the story of universities and Unix source code
2013-07-03: You can re-connect() UDP sockets (portably)
2013-07-02: Today's question: are anti-spam statistics useful for us?

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