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2013-08-31: Simple availability doesn't capture timing and the amount of warning
HTML quoting as I currently understand it
2013-08-30: I'm done with feeling guilty about using HTML tables for layout
2013-08-29: A new piece of my environment: clearing the X selection
2013-08-28: I'm vaguely yearning for a simpler framework than Django
2013-08-26: An example GNU Readline quoting function
2013-08-25: On classifying phish spam as malware
Adding basic quoting to your use of GNU Readline
2013-08-24: My personal view of Fedora versus Ubuntu on the desktop
2013-08-23: Looking at how many viruses we've seen in email recently
2013-08-22: I've changed my thinking about redundant power supplies
2013-08-21: Disk enclosures versus 'all in one case' designs
2013-08-20: The challenge for ARM servers, at least here
2013-08-19: My views on various bits of disk drive technology today
2013-08-16: SSDs may make ZFS raidz viable for general use
A peculiar use of ZFS L2ARC that we're planning
Funding and the size of hardware you want to buy
2013-08-15: My understanding of modern C undefined behavior and its effects
2013-08-14: The pragmatics of an HTTP to HTTPS transition
2013-08-13: You should convert wikitext to HTML through an AST
2013-08-11: The feature (or features) I really want added to xterm
Multi-mount protection and SAN failover
2013-08-10: The importance of names, illustrated through my mistake
2013-08-09: Link: My current dmenu changes
2013-08-08: How to accidentally reboot a server
My Cinnamon desktop customizations
2013-08-07: Understanding how generators help asynchronous programming
2013-08-05: Who or what your website is for and more on HTTP errors
2013-08-04: What's changed in Unix networking in the last decade or so
2013-08-03: The paucity of generally useful HTTP error codes
The pragmatic issues around HTTP error codes mattering (or not)
2013-08-02: I'm giving up on a custom laptop environment for Fedora 19

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