Wandering Thoughts archives

2013-09-30: Centralizing syslogs as an easy way to improve your environment
2013-09-29: Spammers illustrating, well, something
Universities and long term perspectives
2013-09-28: Why I put configuration management systems over packaging systems
2013-09-27: The long term future of any particular configuration management system
2013-09-26: Trying to explain my harshness on configuration management tools
2013-09-24: A semi-wish for an official 'null MX' standard
2013-09-23: The FTE pricing gamble (for vendors)
ZFS filesystem compression and quotas
2013-09-22: An example of optimizing C in the face of undefined behavior
2013-09-20: Nested conditional expressions in Python (and code golf)
2013-09-19: Processes waiting for NFS IO do show in Linux %iowait statistics
Load is a whole system phenomenon
2013-09-18: Reconsidering external disk enclosures versus disk servers
2013-09-17: The pain (or annoyance) of deploying a simple WSGI thing
2013-09-15: Regular expression performance and performance folklore
Identities, trust, and work
2013-09-14: A basic overview of SAS and using SATA with SAS
2013-09-13: Why I think dir() excludes metaclass methods
2013-09-12: I am not a (Unix) purist
2013-09-11: Understanding why CSRF protection really needs cookies
2013-09-09: Why the RPM source and binary package format is superior to Debian .debs
A slow realization: many of my dotfiles don't need to be dotfiles
2013-09-07: Why wiring things up physically instead of virtually is better for us
Good SSL for your website is absurdly difficult in practice
2013-09-06: Making switch configuration changes is not as easy as it looks
2013-09-05: The physical versus the virtual approach to network wiring
2013-09-04: What (and how) I use HTML tables for layout here
2013-09-02: The current weak areas of ZFS on Linux
A little bit more on ZFS RAIDZ read performance

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