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2013-10-31: Our likely future backend and fileserver hardware
Naming disk devices: drive IDs versus drive locations
2013-10-30: An open question: part uniformity versus unit cost
2013-10-28: If you're on the IPv4 Internet, you really are in public now
2013-10-27: Old and new addresses and spam
Some things I've learned from transitioning a website to HTTPS
2013-10-26: 10G Ethernet and network buffer sizes (at least on Linux)
2013-10-25: Modern disk write caches and how they get dealt with (a quick overview)
2013-10-24: How to force a disk write cache flush operation on Linux
2013-10-23: Paying for services is not necessarily enough
2013-10-21: NFS's problem with (concurrent) writes
Thinking about how I want to test disk IO on an iSCSI backend
2013-10-20: Thoughts inspired by the abstract idea of Docker-like things
2013-10-19: I should never have allowed 'outside' content to break my layout
2013-10-18: ZFS uberblock rollback and the top level metadata change rate
2013-10-17: There are two cases for changing SSL/TLS cipher settings
2013-10-16: Disused addresses and the impact of spam
2013-10-15: Why I'm not looking for any alternatives to iSCSI for us
2013-10-14: The importance of small UI tweaks (for me), dmenu edition
2013-10-13: Revisiting some bits of ZFS's ZIL with separate log devices
2013-10-11: Some pain points of parsing wikitext (and simplifications that avoid them)
How DWiki parses its wikitext (part 1)
2013-10-10: Sun's NeWS was a mistake, as are all toolkit-in-server windowing systems
2013-10-09: An interesting bug with module garbage collection in Python
2013-10-07: What happens when CPython deletes a module
2013-10-06: What reloading a Python module really does
The per-NFS-operation data for NFS mounts in /proc/self/mountstats
2013-10-05: The xprt: data for NFS mounts in /proc/self/mountstats
2013-10-04: The bytes and events data for NFS mounts in /proc/self/mountstats
2013-10-03: What is in /proc/self/mountstats for NFS mounts: an introduction
2013-10-02: What your User-Agent header should include and why

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