Wandering Thoughts archives

2013-11-30: Why 'hotplug' approaches to device handling are the right way
The case of the disappearing ESATA disk
2013-11-29: How modern Linux software RAID arrays are assembled on boot (and otherwise)
2013-11-28: A quick analysis of bounces here
2013-11-27: The difference between CPython and Python
2013-11-25: From CPython bytecode up to function objects (in brief)
Track your disk failures
2013-11-24: Baidu's web spider ignores robots.txt (at least sometimes)
2013-11-23: You are not fooling us with broken bounce addresses
2013-11-22: My hack use for Chrome's Incognito mode
2013-11-20: test is surprisingly smart
The difference between no argument and an empty argument
2013-11-18: Why booting Linux from a ZFS root filesystem with GRUB can be hard
2013-11-17: The 10G Ethernet performance problem on Linux
Sending and receiving file descriptors in Python
2013-11-16: Unix getopt versus Google's getopt variant and why Unix getopt wins
2013-11-15: Professional knowledge, certification, and regulation
2013-11-14: One reason I like Go: it seems natural to avoid object churn
2013-11-13: The cost of expensive hardware and the benefit of hindsight
2013-11-11: Go's getopt problem
2013-11-10: Are those chassis fans actually still spinning?
My views on network booting as an alternative to system disks
2013-11-09: Google Feedfetcher is still fetching feeds and a User-Agent caution
2013-11-08: The spectrum of options when netbooting systems
2013-11-06: Why you might not want to use SSDs as system disks just yet
Modern versions of Unix are more adjustable than they used to be
2013-11-04: How writes work on ZFS raidzN pools, with implications for 4k disks
2013-11-03: Wikitext needs a better way of writing tables
Why we're switching to SSDs for system disks
2013-11-02: Revising our peculiar ZFS L2ARC trick

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